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Supply chain

As a major seller of brass precision parts, HEX plays a significant role in economies of India. Providing reliable quality brass products to the customers is key to our success and reputation in this area.

We firmly believe that our long-term growth is linked directly to our wider commitment to the communities in which we work. Our supply chain structure has two levels: global and local. Global supply chain includes all categories where buyers are handling directly from our head office to serve better at global level. The local supply chain level uses to contact local partners.

Our shipping and logistics service supports our all products and is an integral part of our entire supply chain, helping to deliver final products to buyer around the world. We aim to offer a competitive advantage by generating value for our excellent customer.

Shipping and logistics

Our shipping and logistics team is an integral part of our supply chain and strives constantly to deliver value through competitive shipping solutions and excellent customer service.

We work with land transportation companies in India to supply our customers with the semi finish product as a raw materials and finished products they require. For the global customer we use to supply through sea transportation and air transportations as per customer requirement.