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As a Brass Casting Manufacturing company, HEX delivers brass casting parts using whole casting cycle. Process involves the use of standard procedures in all phases of Casting i.e.  to make a mold of the shape you’d like to Cast the Brass and then formed by pouring or otherwise injecting liquid metal into a sand mold or metal die. After the metal solidifies, the mold is broken, the cores removed, and the part is prepared for machining and finishing operations in our sand cast foundry.

A mold can be made out of sand.  Green sand may be the best choice. It’s a mixture of silica sand and clay for binder with some cornstarch to help with the absorbing of moisture. The melting point of brass is around 470 degrees Celsius. We set for an hour or much more, depending on the size of the Brass piece you cast.

HEX enables us to produce custom parts that match our customers’ exact specifications. Using Brass sand Casting processes, we can provide tight tolerances and exceptional at every parts. No matter how simple or complex your designs, whether your parts small or big our Brass Casting process will deliver the right part at reasonable rate for your needs. Our Brass Casting service is an excellent choice for plumbing fixtures and electronic components etc.

Commonly used processes in Brass casting facilities consist of:

Die casting, Sand casting, Continuous casting, Hot chamber die casting, Cold chamber die casting, Permanent mold casting, Plaster mold casting, Vacuum casting  etc.