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Brass HEX Snubber 1021

Brass HEX Snubber 1021

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Brass HEX Snubber Brand Name:  HEX


Brass HEX Snubber Metal:


Brass / Copper Alloy


Brass HEX Snubber Rod: 




Brass HEX Snubber Dimension / Length / Size: 


Begins from 1/4” mpt X 1/4” fpt and up to any size as per Custom Designs and requirements


Brass HEX Snubber Shapes:


Round and Hexagonal (Hex).
Brass HEX Snubber Finishing & Coating: 


Natural, Golden Finish, Silver Finish, Nickel Platted, Chrome Platted, Tin Plated. Any coating as per customer specifications


Brass HEX Snubber  Packing  Details:


Bag Packaging, Inner Plastic Packing, Carton Packaging, Wooden Carton Packing
Brass HEX Snubber Special Features:


Thread as per international Go and Not Go Gauge Standard.

       HEX Female Cap is also suitable for protect gas pressure gauges from sudden pressure surges.


Brass HEX Snubber Application / Usage:


Automobile Industry, Gas and Oil Industry.


Brass HEX Snubber MOQ:


1000 Pieces