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Brass Bar Many Folds 1230

Brass Bar Many Folds 1230

Brass Bar Many Folds 1230 Enquire Now
Brass Many Folds Brand Name:  HEX


Brass Many Folds Metal:


Brass / Copper Alloy


Brass Many Folds Rod: 




Brass Many Folds Dimension / Length / Size: 


Begins from 1” x 3/4” Male & Female and up to any size as per Custom Designs and requirements


Brass Many Folds Shapes:


Hexagonal Female Cap (Hex Reducer). Any Special Brass Many Folds shape as per customer’s requirement


Brass Many Folds Finishing & Coating: 


Natural, Golden Finish, Silver Finish, Nickel Platted, Chrome Platted, Tin Plated. Any coating as per customer specifications


Brass Many Folds  Packing  Details:


Bag Packaging, Inner Plastic Packing, Carton Packaging, Wooden Carton Packing
Brass Many Folds Special Features:


Thread as per international Go and Not Go Gauge Standard.

Brass Many Folds is also suitable for connecting stainless steel tube, copper tubes, low carbon steel tube and many types of water meter.


Brass Many Folds Application / Usage:


Plumbing Industries, Marine Industry, Electronic Industry, Automobile Industry, Instrumentation, Telecommunications & Electrical Accessories etc…


Brass Many Folds MOQ:


1000 Pieces