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As a Brass Forging Parts Manufacturing company, HEX delivers Brass Forging parts using whole forging cycle. Process involves in all phases of forging i.e.  A forging press places extreme pressure on a single piece of brass that has been heated to about 815 degrees Celsius and formed into a predetermined shape between a set of dies. The process involves heating a metal slug and then pressing it into shape within a die hollow. Not only is the metal shaped, but the forging process also improves the mechanical and physical properties of the part. Forging in our company is performed on high-speed automatic equipment.

Brass is easy to forge and generally allows for close tolerances and limited reheating or additional Forged Parts Machining. The forging process allows for accuracy and relative freedom from flaws. Dimensional accuracy is always repeatable at every part. Excellent surface finish with a clean shiny appearance is readily available with Brass Forgings.

The Brass Forging process actually makes the metal around 15% stronger than mold cast parts as the process does not change the structure of the metal. Brass forgings have been used in many applications across a number of industries including industrial, consumer, medical, automotive, and agricultural.

Commonly used processes in Brass forging facilities consist of:

The Hot Press Forging Process: that is including Rod Cutting, Slug Heating, Forging, Trimming and Clipping, Dip Finishing Packaging

Dies and Die Design: that is including Die Design, Draft, Webs, Construction, Multiple Parts, Design Changes, Trimming or Clipping Dies, Die Purchases, Parting Line, Holes and Cavities.